A Closer Look at President Joko Widodo’s First 100 Days in Office


Oleh Asrudin Azwar & Yohanes Sulaiman (Tulisan ini pernah dimuat koran The Jakarta Globe)  (JG Graphics/Josep Tri Ronggo).

When President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo was inaugurated, on Oct. 20, 2014, he was sworn in with high expectations. One hundred days on, however, a majority those who voted for him feel disappointed and betrayed with what his administration has so far accomplished.

Granted, it is very difficult — and unfair — to evaluate a government’s first 100 days in office, because such a short time frame makes it difficult for any president to accomplish a great deal. At the same time, the milestone is a good time to evaluate a newly appointed leader based on the decisions he has so far made. Continue reading